Brett Calman was born on March 2nd, 1975 in Glasgow, Scotland. At a very young age his family moved to Ontario, Canada where they declared home and have remained ever since. Brett was raised by his loving parents and is a sibling to an older sister.  

   Brett first began writing short stories at an age of nine in his local public school. All though they were gory and grotesque. Brett always had a fascination for horror and thrillers. It was the adrenaline that got the heart pumping and the excitement of what was around the next corner. 

   Brett graduated from High School and then attended George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario. Just at the start of College, he met his future wife Ava at a local bowling alley where they played in the same league. He graduated from College with a diploma in Furniture Production and Design. He opened up his own business right after college but struggled for a few years financially. Brett decided to close up shop and then went to go work for several different furniture manufacturers. This was a steady pay check which made it financially secure to move on with his life. Brett eventually married his wife Ava in 2000, and they have two daughters.

  Brett continued for several years down this road but he had always had a dream of becoming a police officer and kept the idea in the back of his mind. His smooth transition into the force, after working as an upholsterer for several years, led numerous aspiring officers to look to Brett for practical advice on what to expect from policing and how to prepare and qualify for service.

   Since 2004, Brett has served as an active member of law enforcement in Ontario, Canada  during which time he has gained invaluable insight and experiences regarding the police training process and service situations every officer must face.

  Having helped many men and women accomplish their professional goals, Brett decided to help even more. Still having a passion for writing he decided to get back into that process and his debut book, My Road to the Badge, is an inspiring personal memoir of his first few years on the force, as well as a must-read, information guide for anyone looking to better understand the finer details of becoming an officer and dealing with the challenges of police life.

  After the success of his first published book, Brett decided to continue writing and has published his first fictional novel titled, Ahriman.

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