My Road to the Badge: Becoming a Police Officer

- This book is a must read for not only aspiring police officers but for their loved ones as well. The insight into the process of how to become an officer and what to expect once on the job is invaluable. I wish that this book had been available when my husband became a cop. After reading Calman's book I now have a further understanding of what a police officer's job entails on a daily basis. This book proves that police officers are real life heroes. To Brett Calman and all of the men and women in law enforcement

-Inspirational to anyone who has dreams of becoming a police officer. A great read for the person who loves a real life story about overcoming barriers and succeeding in anything you put your mind to and have a great passion for. I recommend this book highly on your read list.

-GREAT READ! I really enjoyed the book. It was an easy read I would recommend to anyone who really wants to know what it is like to become and be an officer of the law. The story was truly inspiring and heartfelt with injections of realism. You can really relate to the author and his story.First half of the book is about how he became an officer and training, second half is on the job experiences.I would highly recommend the book if you are looking into becoming an officer, or just want to read a truly interesting recollection of an every day joe with an extraordinary job and how it changed him, and everyone he serves.Great book, great read.

-This book was a fantastic read! Reading about the author chasing his dream was incredibly inspiring. At the same time, the book was equally entertaining, with some really terrific stories - It felt as though I was on this journey with him. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

-We all know the Police are there to protect and help us but after reading this book I want to say a huge Thank You to all the men and women who do so. This book gives a real insight to the reality of what is involved during a work day of police.Thank you so much for the job that you do and continue to BE SAFE.

-This autobiography is the personal story of how Brett became a cop and the price he pays to come home alive at the end of each day. I found it hard to put down and hope there is a sequel. 

-Brett Calman delivers in this amazing book for any aspiring police officer and anyone thinking of becoming a cop. As real as it gets, front line stories an an inspiring tale for all of us...never give up. Easy, fun and gritty...



- Great book. Murder mystery with an incredible ending that shocks you. Recommend to everyone interested in mystery/thrillers. Looking forward to more from author.

​- Books leaves you guessing with an ending that surprises you. Great read

Outstanding thriller!

Great book. The twist and turns had me guessing the entire time. 5 stars

Fantastic thriller with a great story line. Highly recommend this great read.